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Four important moments marked my professional life during the last 16 years :

  • Training
  • Sales & Business Development
  • Coaching
  • International

Training :
My professional life starts with Riverchelles Performance where I discover what training really means. I specialize in this domain since seven years later I joined Cegos where I developed a real expertise in training engineering. More specifically during eight years I was in charge of the developing customized trainings, the programs and  training projects, managing open enrolment  training and consultancy.

Sales & Business Development :
During 9 years at Cegos then for DDB I specialized in sales activities. I successively became a business engineer, in charge of the Paris region, Key Account manager, international key account manager for the industry, bank, luxury, cosmetic sectors then director of development in advertisement. During these 9 years, I carried out several missions such as prospecting, negotiating, customer loyalty, project management and response to calls for tenders.

Coaching :
After all those years spent proposing and selling training solutions to companies I decide to concentrate on individuals. In fact I am convinced that any collective performance in a company depends first on the individual’s self-fulfillment
This is the reason why I choose the Co-Active Coaching method which holds that people are naturally creative, resourceful and whole - completely capable of finding their own answers to whatever challenges they face.

International :
My professional experiences were developed with an international mindset. In 2005 I enrolled in  the Strategy and Management of International business Master at the ESSEC Business School. Then, so as to position myself as a coach for the international market, I follow an American training course at the Coaches Training Institute certified by the International Coach Federation. I am now part of the most important international coach network.

I can now share my 16 years of professional  experience  by offering the following to companies as well as individual:

  • development of projects and commercial competencies in France and at an international level
  • development of leadership skills, self-confidence and self-respect.


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